James West, Sculptor, Team Studio Wild West

About Sculptor James West

James West is a Visionary. A Storyteller. A Passionate Sculptor. His sculptures draw inspiration from a deep contemplation of the natural world, human emotions, or the resonances of a historical situation. He has the ability to listen to a story, and to understand the narrative that needs to be told. His works of art are thought provoking. The viewer pauses for the “The Second Take”; they stop and take a moment to think about its meaning.

As a sculptor, James West specializes in commissioned work and has an expertise is delivering large-scale installations in contemporary, abstract, figurative, and interactive pieces of art.


The Process…

Studio Wild West understands and oversees every stage of the process, from initial concept through to the installation of the finished works of art. He pays intimate attention to every facet of the sculpting process, drawing together the best possible team.

Mr. West prepares for each work with extensive historical research. He meets with historians and experts and collaborates with models, make-up artists, and costume designers to create historically accurate works. He creates a series of maquettes of the sculpture before meeting with enlargers and foundries. With the help and support of architects and contractors, on-site installations are handled professionally.


The Story Continues…

Studio Wild West is meticulously involved with all their works. Beyond the unveiling, we pay close attention to the sculptures afterlife; we revisit locations to check lighting and maintenance, how the sculpture is settling in its environment, and how the local community is reacting to our story.

Professional Statement

I am a passionate storyteller, my sculptures are set in motion by a storyline … I encourage these narratives to be viewed at different levels. For example, Public Commission Sculpture, Point of View. When you first look at it you may notice that there is tension, then you see that they are equal, the two figures are looking into each others eyes, on the same level, neither is above or below the other. You observe that the Native American Chief, Guyasuta, has a peace pipe tomahawk in his hand with the pipe side up and the weapon side down. George Washington has a sword but his hand is not on the hilt but beside it. George Washington is looking westward down the Allegheny, which symbolizes the progression of the English settlers and the French. You notice that Chief Guyasuta has his back to the west. These are examples of symbolism that you experience in my sculptures along with a storyline. Not everyone sees the symbolism, that’s okay. If done right, it gives the viewer what I call ‘the second look’. You look away and then suddenly you look back, you see something else. And you think about it the next day. We’ve all done that when we read a book or see a play or movie. I hope that is what I can achieve through my art.


Private Collections in Italy and England as well as nationally throughout United States.

2016 – Public Commission – In The East, Brother Ben Franklin – Grand Masonic Museum of Philadelphia
2015 – Public Commission – Our Path – Public Contemporary Sculpture – Pennsylvania
2013 – Private Commission – Of One, Revisited – Pittsburgh, PA
2011 – Public Commission – The Walk, Public Figurative Sculpture – Pennsylvania
2010 – Landscape Design/Build – Franklin Run/Myoma in PA – Commission in part to save Woodlands
2006 – Public Commission – Point of View, Public Figurative Sculpture, Park, and Landscape Design Pittsburgh, PA
2005 – Private Commission – Sorrow and Despair, Abstract Sculpture – Pittsburgh, PA
2005 – Commission – The One, Awarded at Bethesda Art Show
2004 – Natural Green Wetland and Landscape Design/Build, Cove at St. Charles in Blawnox, PA, Former Scrap Yard
1996 – Design – Federal Farm House, Won National Award from Professional Builder’s

Bio and Resume Available upon Request.