Art Work

Our Path. Responsibility.



Rusted Steel, Concrete


11 1/2′ x 16′ x 4′

Sculptor James West of Studio Wild West invokes his contemplative side with a monumental, contemporary sculpture. A thought-provoking piece that can be read on several levels, and a stunning piece of ornamentation, with its massive steel arch spanning 16 feet and soaring over 11 feet in the air, delicately laced with intricate laser carvings which celebrate the natural world, each carving interacting with the environment through the use of positive and negative space.

For this complex and poignant piece, West drew inspiration from the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio’s The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, c. 1601–1602.

Caravaggio’s work challenged our perspective on our relationship with God, viewed not from the heavens but rather from a sinner’s perspective. According to West, “Our Path represents the state of Mother Earth and our responsibilities; denials, blaming others and looking at this responsibility in a different way.” Consider, what are your responsibilities to Earth? Our challenges? Our sins? What will we leave behind, and what will future generations see, or do, or become?

Beautiful. Haunting. Interactive. Dramatic.

 Click here to view the full pdf presentation of ‘Our Path’.