Art Work

Split Infinity


Torso portion 110”x79”
Weight: 950 lbs.

Legs portion 92”x58”
Weight: 1000 lbs.

A multi-faceted piece. Einstein is emerging from the floor, pulling on a rope that is tied to his own foot.

Infinity without bounds, larger than life, goes on forever.

Mathematicians figure that Infinity has no end. Some question where the beginning is. Others believe it wraps around the back and connects the beginning to the end. We don’t know. Also, scientists, mathematicians and philosophers question whether there are other dimensions. We also don’t know the answer to this question. We do know we all have struggles in life. We look at Einstein and immediately think of “genius.” Think of how lonely it must have been to be in a place that this genius was criticized by his peers and looked upon as lacking intelligence and common sense.

How difficult it is for all of us to step outside our comfort zone and make that leap. There is a push and a pull at the same time. This piece represents Einstein pulling himself through that point, going beyond common knowledge and common sense at that time, and believing so much in one’s ideas that it takes us to another place.

On his foot, is carved a straight line, a curved line and a round sphere. This represents my interpretation of his Theory of Relativity.

I would like my art to be viewed by all and to be interpreted at different levels. It can also be viewed as a struggle.